Welcome to Latibula!

What is the meaning of latibule?

latibule, lat. It means a cosy, safe place, hidden away from everyone which is special to you. It’s the sort of place where, on frory days, you can kick off your shoes and settle down in your huffle-buffs, maybe for a bit of snuggling or just to relax. 

Lika Croatia nature sun beauty Latibula

What is our Latibula?

Latibula is a secluded place in the hills of Lika, guided by principles of sustainability and coexistence with nature

We are not a luxurious retreat but we offer a specific kind of luxury – wild, untouched nature, organically grown, freshly picked, tastefully prepared food, and various outdoor activities.

We offer mini vacations and weekend retreats.

What can you expect?

We are stress-free.

We are wi-fi free.

We have showers under the sky.

We have all the stars you can imagine in the sky.

We have silence and peace.

We have peaceful dreams.

Lika Croatia hills active vacation Latibula