Weekend retreat (3 days – 2 nights)

Weekend retreats are available for reservation from July. Please check the date availability with us in advance through latibularetreat@gmail.com.

Arrivals are on Fridays in the afternoon, and departures are on Sundays.

What to expect during our weekend retreat?

Generally, weekend retreats include: on the day of your arrival we will welcome you and escort you to your accommodation. After that, we will have a dinner with dessert and drinks where you can meet us and other guests. Also, we will come up with a plan for our activities for the days to come.

How do we start the day?

For every day of your stay, morning activities such as guided yoga or pilates will be included, accompanied by a fine, fresh breakfast every morning with coffee, tea, matcha, etc. In case you want to sleep longer and skip yoga, that’s also okay with us.

Breakfast will still be served every morning from 8-10. After breakfast, we will prepare snacks to have on our daily activity. In case you want to stay in your accommodation and skip the daily activity, food, and drinks will be always available in the common area.

What about food and drinks?

Meals are served at a common table in the main house. Our food is prepared from freshly picked vegetables, fruit, and forest food, together with other local meat and dairy ingredients. We prepare everything ourselves to provide you with a unique experience with well-balanced and interesting dishes.

Dishes are accompanied by a limited selection of natural wines, ecological beer, and natural homemade drinks made from mountain herbs, fruits, and our natural honey.

Very important to know!

Our food is exclusively seasonal and fresh, and thus, we prepare what is available at the time of your stay.
In case there are any special allergies or sensitivities to food, please let us know in advance.

Your stay by the day:

1st day:

  • dinner with dessert and drinks (welcome dinner and drinks that usually include natural vines from selected vineries, ecological beer, homemade juice, etc.)

2nd day:

  • breakfast
  • daily activity (arranged on the day before, as you prefer)
  • 5-course dinner (tasting of the local and wild foods, appetizers, main dish prepared with freshly harvested ingredients, dessert)
  • drinks (specially selected to accompany the food)

3rd day:

  • breakfast
  • shorter activity (this includes a shorter trip and an easier activity)
  • picnic (we will prepare the food in advance and have a picnic somewhere in nature)

How much does a weekend retreat cost?

920€ (glamping tent)-1000€ (cabin) for 2 people with food and activities included. Children by the age of 8 FREE, 8-14 years 300€, 14+ years full price for 1.

700€ (glamping tent), 750€ (wooden cabin) for 1 person FOOD+ACCOMMODATION+ACTIVITIES included.

Please check the date availability with us in advance through latibularetreat@gmail.com or the contact form.